Content is king. But, who has the time to write it? At Evolved Office, we know how much work goes into creating quality marketing content. That’s why we have a team of experienced writers dedicated to crafting your marketing messages.

We provide branded, ready-to-go content that focuses on the products and services Business Solutions Providers offer. This content is available in a variety of media, including emails, newsletters, and videos. We also offer managed marketing programs to OEMs and vendors.

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If you’re looking for professionally written and designed marketing materials branded for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Evolved Office provides ready-to-go content that includes your logo and contact information, so you can easily market to your audience.

Better still, our writers know your industry. From MPS to document management to Managed IT to telecom and more, our team writes on the services you sell every day.

By keeping up with the latest industry trends, the content available to Evolved Office customers aligns with the current solutions you provide. Adding the latest, greatest technology services to your offerings? No problem. We have the informative content you need to market all of your hardware and software solutions with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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“Content is king.” – Bill Gates


Evolved Office offers the types of marketing materials modern businesses need to engage with their audiences. From our proprietary marketing platform, you have access to a variety of collateral that can easily get your message across.

Here are a few examples of how Evolved Office customers use our ready-to-go content:

  • Send their pre-built monthly newsletter containing industry-related articles to maintain visibility with their clients and prospects.
  • Distribute strategically timed emails promoting a particular service or solution as part of a campaign.
  • Embed a professionally made video to their website, highlighting a managed services solution.

Custom content and campaigns are also available.

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We create the content so you don’t have to.


Evolved Office partners with OEMs and software vendors to provide managed marketing services to their dealers.

Become a content marketing partner and make it easy for dealers to market your products to their own customer database. We will host your content in the Evolved Office platform (campaigns, newsletters, emails, videos, flyers, etc.), and brand it for each individual dealer with their unique logo, contact information, and more. Or, we can create content for you.

From there, we do the rest. We will develop an editorial calendar to ensure consistent message delivery, notify your dealers of the date of each blast, manage opt outs (if applicable), and broadcast your marketing pieces on your dealers’ behalf.

With Evolved Office’s Managed Marketing Program, we make it easy for dealers to market your products and services to their local market, while you control the message.

Current Managed Marketing Partners:

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Evolved delivered in a timely manner with professionalism and great support along the way. We look forward to working with our team to increase sales in the coming year.
Sharp AOE
Sharp AOE
18:08 22 Jan 19
Evolved office has a great experienced team. Everyone there is a pleasure to work with and they know how to deliver results. Evolved Office did a fantastic job on the design and content of our new website as well has providing us ongoing support in all of marketing efforts!
Collin Mitchell
Collin Mitchell
20:15 20 Jun 16
We use Evolved Office to help our resellers keep their customers informed and turn prospects into sales. Their professionalism, attention to customer service, and the ability to think outside the box is refreshing. I highly recommend them.
Mary Williams
Mary Williams
15:41 29 Jun 16
Evgeniy Lutskiy
Evgeniy Lutskiy
12:26 01 Jul 18
Mariana Murphy
Mariana Murphy
17:19 30 Nov 17